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About Over Stepping Obstacles

First off, we want to thank you for taking the time out to visit our webpage and learn more about us! The content we have here is the culmination of years of work and achievements OSO has made over the few years since we’ve started. With many more updates and improvements to go, we hope to see you here again 

At Over Stepping Obstacles we are all about perfecting our craft and getting the highest quality photos for our clients. Part of our name Over Stepping Obstacles (OSO for short) means that our team is quick to adapt to unexpected changes and we never let setbacks stop us from stepping toward our goal. Rather than stumble over an obstacle and get held up from the finish, we’ll just step right over it. Our business has been around since early 2019, but our mission began in 2016. OSO is both an ideology as well as a lifestyle, Over Stepping Obstacles the business is just a small part of what OSO is, an outlet if you will.

Founder’s Kamir and Geordan started the photography business in 2019 by going half on a small DSLR camera and traveling around PA to take photos of strangers they met as they learned how to be professional photographers.” Creating outstanding visuals was our passion as well as living life and learning new things.”  All of OSO’s members are very ambitious and constantly practicing to get better at their crafts even in their off-time. Each member of OSO has their own goals that they are working towards, so we pride ourselves on uplifting one another to the utmost.  We love working with new people and getting the opportunity to capture different traditions in a photo. We look forward to helping you capture amazing memories.

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