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Meet The Team


I’m a Photographer and Videographer


About Me

Making visuals is a deep passion of mine, the ability to create a world where where you can defy the laws of nature through a tinted glass is truly amazing

I started OSO Productions in Early 2019 as a subdivision of our larger movement Over Stepping Obstacles or OSO for short. Which was originally founded by Geo in 2016. Our reason was always clear,just not apparent. To become something bigger than ourselves. To prove that whatever life had in store for us, we wouldn’t let anything stop us from becoming something great.

Name: Kamir McFadden

Seeing OSO getting off the ground with photography was crazy, seriously. Really started with the last $150 I had and went half with Zoosk on that first camera. Finally seeing something coming out of all the hard work we put in really made me want to go harder. Even though we haven't gone as far as we’re going to yet, I realize that you can do anything if you put enough grind into it. 

It was at this point that we wanted to share this discovery with anyone, we realized that an ideal so powerful shouldn’t just be kept within us. I believe there’s something to learn from everyone you meet in life. Which is why I’ve made it a goal to be able to converse with anyone regardless of their background. Some may say  these are just my ambitions getting the best of me, but no. That can’t be it. I’m just truly OSO

I am eternally grateful for anyone who plays a role in our mission and to those who believe in what we stand for. The story will continue indefinitely.

Selected Work

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