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I’m a Photographer


About Me

Capturing life’s essence has always been my niche, ever since I can remember. With photography I desire to bring the genuine emotions out of people, art , architecture, landscape and the overall environment. 
In 2020, like most, the pandemic has altered my life completely. Being on quarantine lockdown gave me the opportunity to lock in with myself. This allowed me to come to the realization that production is a life-long passion I’m willing to pursue . But such a vague idea can’t be manifested in the real world. I needed a more specific direction. A solid foundation.

Name: James Blakeney

40+ photoshoots completed/ 7 Music Videos/ 1 Film completed

In 2021, I was able to be surrounded by similar like minded and goal oriented brethren. Thanks to OSO, I expanded my knowledge on my production skill set. Basically understanding the fundamentals of a camera, by manipulating and getting what I want out of a photo. Knowing how to direct the viewer's attention. Also, the business technicality of the industry standard.

Life can be unexpecting. It can leave someone lost and just living for survival. Some however, are fortunate enough to live creatively and do what they love as a way of living. Photography & Videography have always been my true passion. It’s a way of immortality. Being my true passion. It’s a way of immortality to capture a moment that’ll bring you back to that point no matter what age. In this profession I don’t know what the future may hold, but I can rely on the foundation by OverStepping Obstacles.

Selected Work

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