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About Me

Starting out in the first days of OSO’s creation in 2016 it was just a name at the time but I knew it was meant to be something greater. Growing up I always prided myself in being original and different from the crowd not caring what anyone else thought no matter what adversity I faced and one day that’s when it clicked “OVERSTEPPINGOBSTACLES” that’s what gave the name meaning it was more than just a group at that point that’s when it became the brotherhood the movement the lifestyle the embodiment of everything I stood for, defying the odds, setting trends all the while having fun with it. I started losing so many friends and loved ones around this time it affected me a lot yet I turned that pain into determination to live life to the fullest for the people that couldn’t, even now I continue to keep going harder in honor of them.

Name: Geordan Clark

35+ Video’s Completed

2019 is when me and Mir decided to take a risk to become entrepreneurs starting our own business and who better to start it with than my brother that been OSO since the beginning. We’ve always been fascinated with taking photos however it was only on phones just for fun at the time until we realized money could be made from taking professional photos plus the photography market in our area wasn’t to populated so we jumped at the opportunity to take it over.

Neither of us were employed but we always knew how to hustle since we were young, shoveling snow, helping people move just for a few dollars, that mindset never left. What little money we had left we put up for a camera literally that day wasting no time to practice. This newfound excitement soon started to wane when we couldn’t get any shoots even though we were only charging $20 or even for free just trying to get experience. This didn’t deter us though eventually we got the ball rolling never looking back always keeping in mind our beginnings staying humble constantly learning new techniques creating our own simultaneously.


All of this is what made me who I am and what OSO is I’m wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else but my brothers who push me to become the best version of myself possible. It just all goes to show that anything is possible seeing where we came from and how far we came from that having high hopes of what’s still yet to come because there’s much more to accomplish many more obstacles to overstep. What I’ve learned in life is it really is what you make of it you just got to take control you can take a dream and turn it to reality, this all started with a risk but it’s constantly paying off.

women with their child

Anyone that was an innovator, inventor or pioneer was called crazy only to get praise from everyone once their ideas became a success. That was always a big motivation for me to keep faith in my plans regardless of how ambitious they may seem. Truly anything is possible to achieve if you set your mind to it, surround yourself with likeminded people, keep your mind at ease forever staying driven by your passions and I promise that you too can OVERSTEPOBSTACLES!

I hope everyone who contributes to our mission sees the vision we have and continue to be apart of this movement let’s keep stepping!

Selected Work

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